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Wood Panels

Modern designs applied in wood using their newly developed wood embedding technique, which uses several types of wood.In this technique the wood in hand cut piece by piece in intricate forms and closely embedded to form the art piece,the wood is then sanded, hand finished and treated with natural oils for the finish effect and protection.These wooden pieces add a warm feeling to any room without compromising modernity.

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This technique gives the artists flexibility and autonomy in their work to produce pieces with unobstructed imagination,making full use of materials such as clay, gipson, several kinds of putty and a wide range of paint materials chosen upon the needs of each item.

They are continuously experimenting new techniques, material and machinery, consequently expanding their production and prototyping capabilities which in turn will broaden their creative limits.

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You can never forget a face of a person who stirred intense feelings

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pictures of where we create and live

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Sneak Peek

get a sneek peek of some of our work in progress

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It wasn't a dream. His room, a proper human room although a little too small, lay peacefully between its four familiar walls. A collection of textile samples lay spread out on the table - Samsa was a travelling salesman - and above it there hung a picture that he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and housed in a nice, gilded frame.

About us

Space To Create was established in 2008 by the joint effort of Feras Sabra and Amine Abd El Latif. The objective of this collaboration is to unite their technical and creative skills to produce unique artistic items. They have produced more than forty pieces over the years, each with a distinguished character and mood. One of the main elements that distinguishes their work is the highly skilled used of several industrial skills from paint to welding to molding to wood working. Each item acquires it's production process from the required end effect, resulting in varied mood for the items.

Another element that distinguishes their work is the attention to minute details clearly visible in each piece. Some of the main technique used in their work are wood embedding and the 3Dimetional.

Our Philosophy

Their is no good material and bad material, the concept evolves with different material in order to generate the art.

INDEX Dubai 2011

We will be participating in the INDEX 2011, a showcase for regional and international design firms, artists and architects

The event will be held in the Dubai World Trade Center, from 22-25 October, we will be in the Artists Avenue stand number 2 E80

Lonestyle Auction

To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage from it? But who has any right to find fault with a man who chooses to enjoy a pleasure that has no annoying consequences, or one who avoids a pain that produces no resultant pleasure? On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire

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